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Company profile     《Quanzhou city palace electronic weighing apparatus co., LTD》Is the collection research and development、Production、Sales and after sales for the integration of corporate entities,Products have passedISO9001International certification。 There is no limit to product innovation,Technical pursuit without stop。In the face of fierce market competition,Companies always adhere to good quality feedback the masses of users;After many years of accumulation and development,Has now become one of the famous domestic weighing equipment manufacturers。Annual sales5000The table above,In the country...For details>>
Measuring instruments permit

Smart control system solutions

The palace weighing apparatus of all walks of life to provide intelligent control system solutions,Enhance operational efficiency of the enterprise、Establishing the image of enterprise standardization management、Optimize the structure of personnel、Reduce the pollution of the environment、Can avoid human errors of manual operation,Reduce the economic loss,Cost savings、Improve the work efficiency,Create more economic benefits。

Smart technology:

Intelligent feeding batching system、Intelligent dynamic transfer system、Intelligent constant value loading system、Intelligent charging control system、Intelligent unattended management system、Intelligent assembly line control system、Intelligent logistics and warehousing control system、Science and technology for information management system、Intelligent system for ins and outs of grain and oil、Intelligent constant value canning system、Intelligent spiral feeding system、Intelligent infrared monitoring system、 Intelligent control system for the Internet of things、Intelligent network weighing system

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